Colleen Thornton's Blog

I don't have much to report on this past week's teaching. We finally received our non-immigrant working visas so we are totally legitimate now.

I know, I know, this is cliche but Wednesday's events reminded me of this adage. I tend to forget this from time to time as I push through each day, trying to get the most out of myself and others. It's not just that my expectations for myself and others are too high - they are and I already knew that. But I try to do too much at once and think on too grand a scale.

This past week was short. We found out Monday morning that there is a competition between the government schools in Ayutthaya. The school was going to close Tuesday for the competition and the administration required a teacher to read words for a spelling bee. Aarron was asked to read. I was told to come but in the end I just sat and waited for Aarron outside of a classroom for a couple hours.

The first day started with a huge assembly on the school's front lawn. The children were all lined up and grouped by class. All the children wear uniforms. They sang what I think was the national anthem as two children brought the flag to full mast. A colleague brought Aarron and me to the front and gave us a microphone to introduce ourselves to all the children.

Today marks one week since we arrived in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Ayutthaya is a small city about 70km north of Bangkok.