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Imagine Marilyn Monroe and Nicki Minaj in one body. Retro-classic sexuality, if there is such a thing, crossed with contemporary female vulgarity. This is Mimi, but with a Mickey Mouse heart. I met Mimi during my 10-week Thai massage course. She was that tough, outspoken woman who, from across the room, transcended every boundary of femininity that I knew.

Hi Everybody:

Welcome to my first post of the year! "Welcome" to 2017... right?

I recently added “Forward Thinker” to my character adjectives on my website. To represent it as a proper noun is an attempt to treat my newfound trait with the importance it deserves. And to perhaps use it to replace a less-attractive trait, like Unsuccessful Decision-Maker or Occasional Flosser. It is a New Year’s resolution of sorts.

As I drove a friend to the airport a few days ago, I realized that one indicator that you live in a good place is the length of time it takes to drive to the airport. And I write that with all seriousness and anyone who lives in a big city will understand why. Hours of your life can be lost to airport drives. I live in Chiang Mai, a village-like city in Northern Thailand.

On the final day of Thai massage school, four of us listened as our teacher talked about herbal medicine for treating common ailments. “How do you treat heartache?” One woman asked. She’d recently broken up with her partner over the course of our ten-week training. His name was still scrawled in ink on the top of her right breast.

Self-transparency or self-disgrace? When is exposing our vulnerability just too much?

Hello Everyone:

I am pleased to write my last entry for 2016. This time in two weeks I'll be in Sweden, ready to experience whatever I find there and to celebrate NYE2017. I feel like this year is ending well for me:

It’s always a mistake when I get cocky and write in pen in my lesson plan book. Although it’s gotten a little easier over the years, pacing a lesson is one of the most challenging things for teachers. You have unexpected delays, events, differing abilities among students and difficulty in the material taught.

Hello All:

Let's have a thought experiment:

If you hoped to understand what is important to someone else, which would you prefer to know?:

1) What said person tells you matters to them.
2) Knowledge of how said person has spent their time

Which would you choose?

I believe that I would almost always choose "time" over "testimony".

I needed a break from the election madness and decided that a blog about Korean snack foods would be fun. I believe anyone who ends up living and teaching in Korea will find something to enjoy in Korean snack food. It’s definitely a big part of the whole experience living abroad.


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