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I managed to find my third source of employment three days before Trump became president. Why? I knew that if I hadn’t, my family may have starved. I started my new job on January 17. I just made it into the New Year - finally I could exhale. I check the news frequently to see what has Trump has done for me lately - other than upset my people. I think to myself, “Does he know?

Where do we go
When we grow
Tired and old?

Do we turn
To dirt?

Are we bought
Or sold?

Do you want to live and teach English internationally? Eric Haeg, Course Director at TEFL Campus Phuket* in Thailand, is a veteran in the industry and he’s shared some valuable infor-mation and insight about how to get started. ESL101 asked Eric some questions that are critical to anyone interested in teaching English abroad.

My first steps in Sri Lanka took me down some endearing little roads with colourful flowers and smiley people in quiet, tucked away places. They were the initial observations of a woman who spends most of her time wearing rose-coloured (or ignorance-laced) glasses. Let’s just say I like to look on the bright side of things.

First steps in Sri Lanka

“Why are you going to Sri Lanka?” I’ve been asked at least a dozen times in the past couple of weeks. I stutter as I try to find an answer that would provide at least a morsel of acceptance to the person asking me when all I really need to say is, “why the fuck not?”

Most people have done interview practice in the past, learning about how to answer common interview questions and how to avoid common mistakes when giving interview answers. However, most articles, workshops, and seminars on the subject of interview technique are aimed at people applying to huge multinationals with skilled and professional recruitment teams.

Good Afternoon Everyone:

1) Why this post is likely my last one here at ESL101, unless I refocus my time and attention on issues related to ESL.

This blog has been maintained by me since Summer 2013. We are now getting closer to Summer 2017. Wow.

I’ve experienced many relationships whilst travelling. I’ve created them, forged them, negotiated them, deconstructed them, unravelled them, fought them, dissected them, systematically destroyed them, sewn them back together, acquiesced to them. Relationships with food, nature, people, myself, money, security, fear, pain, loss, and grief–dear sweet grief. That’s what travelling does.

Isn't it a joy to be surprised by a student in the most personal yet revolutionary of ways, found hidden like a gem? Read on to see what I mean.

Good Afternoon All:

This update is from my bed as I've been struck by some type of cold/flu. Fortunately, laptops mean it's easier to be productive even while we're mostly horizontal. There are a number of cool and uncool items both I can share in this post, so let's get to it!


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