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Another school shooting in the United States - my home country. I’ve placed thousands of teachers in jobs all over the world, and this situation has never occurred anywhere I’ve placed teachers - only in the United States.

You’re lying awake at night trying to decide if moving to a foreign country to teach English is the right thing to do. There are so many unknowns. What if you make the wrong decision? In theory, it should be good based on all the information you have, but what about the unknowns?

A change of pace. A different island. An undiscovered part of the world with a familiar feel. This Indonesia is miles away from Bali - both literally and figuratively. A trip to Labuan Bajo in Flores to see the Komodo Dragons was the primary reason we made the trip from Bali to Flores.

If you are considering flying half way around the world for a new job, at a new school in a new country you want to make sure you have made the right decision. This is literally a life changing decision, in every sense of the world, and the first step is making sure your resume is as good as it possibly can be.

Teaching jobs in China are a dime a dozen. We’ve helped hundreds of qualified teachers find excellent jobs in China.

Indeed, the jobs are ubiquitous, which is why they’re often overlooked in favour of jobs in the Middle East where money falls from the sky, or South East Asia with sublime beaches and low-cost living.

Teaching in UAE is an appealing temporary gig or career boost for many teachers. Along with awesome compensation and benefits, teaching jobs in UAE offer an opportunity to experience a fabulous lifestyle in one of the world’s richest, most fascinating countries.

What is a gig?

A temporary job. Usually void of benefits, such as health care, and pensions. They pay either hourly or as one lump sum. Some longer-term gigs may be salaried but they’re also void of restrictive bosses that have a certain quasi-ownership of their employees.

I’m back in the land of 10-pound papayas, 50 cent mangoes, big brilliant smiles, vagina whitening creams (thank goodness because who wants a pink pussy?!), primo surfer beaches, and rice fields so green you’d think the sky must be jealous.

Don’t get me wrong - over the past 10 years I’ve placed hundreds of South African teachers in rewarding jobs around the world. I like South African candidates - compared to North American or British teachers you are less entitled, you work hard and you have staying power.

It’s been five years since I experienced a Canadian fall. If not for a certain special somebody I would have been long gone, back to Asia, before autumn equinox. Before the temperature dropped, the leaves started to change, and proper close-toed shoes and jackets became necessary. I usually dread the idea of staying past August 31st.


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