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I love making plans but I hate having commitments. But commitment grounds us and makes us become something better than we can be without it I think. Commitment can make us responsible and dependable people. Commitment can protect us from a lifetime of shallow, fleeting relationships, and impulsive, potentially self-destructive behaviours and frequent bad decisions.

As a part of my job I regularly give talks to groups of local TESL/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA students who are finishing their TESL courses. I get invited by local TESL schools local colleges with TESL programs to talk about international employment opportunities for TESL graduates.

Hello Everyone,

(Before getting into the "thrust" of this post, I do wish to share that my trip to Paris for "NYE 2015" was a wonderful trip, and how glad I am to have seen all that I had cared to see while I was there. Now, on with the post.)

It is with easy strokes of this keyboard that I quickly bring an end to my posting in this blog for this year with my last post for 2014.

I will likely skip the next post in two weeks, as I will be celebrating NYE 2015 in Paris, and so I will likely return with comments about my trip.

Hello All! Or should I write "Bonjour à tous"? ;)

Exciting news to share: My NYE 2015 will be experienced in Paris!

I've noted before what I hope to accomplish with these NYE trips: http://americanhumanist.org/HNN/details/2013-12-new-city-new-people-a-hu...

Do you dream of a post-work glass of wine in piazza or a pain au chocolat while walking to school in the morning? If so, a TESL job in Europe might be just what you're looking for. While most of the higher paying ESL jobs are located in Asia, there are still a lot of opportunities for those who wish to teach English in Europe.

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