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Arguably the most famous mountain in China is Yellow Mountain (Chinese pinyin Huang Shan). It is located the Province of Anhui, a mere three hours from where I live and teach. Yellow Mountain has been a scenic spot for over 1200 years with countless painters and poets seeking inspiration from its rugged beauty. It is said that if you visit this mountain there is no need to visit any other.

When you move to another country to teach English abroad, it is highly likely that your dating life will move with you. Dating in a foreign country can be slightly daunting as language barriers and cultural differences make an already difficult to navigate road even more difficult. Here are a few tips to make your dating life abroad more successful.

Notes from China- Crosstalk

Notes from China- Crosstalk

Spending holidays abroad can be on the most difficult parts of ESL jobs abroad. Many people find themselves in a state of culture shock and feel lonely and sad that they aren't back at home unwrapping gifts and gorging on food with their family and friends. But spending holidays abroad doesn't have to be all sadness and tears.

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Teaching in China can be an adventure. Part of the adventure is the way in which Chinese schools communicate with - or don't - with the foreign teachers. This semester, in my case, communication was somewhat lacking.

Hi All!

Just a quick note that it appears I'm being considered for a grant to cover the cost of a month-long internship in China. I'll update further with what happens re: all of it. The phone interview is this afternoon.

[Aside, the map image I've attached notes N. Korea, but not S. Korea. Hmm]

Notes from China-Norman Bethune,

Notes from China- What’s in a Name?


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