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It was August 2010, only 8 months into my 5 year travels in Asia, I had been aiming for China as the great ‘breakthrough’ for me, or so I thought. I planned to teach there and look around to find Acupuncture courses in English, with hopes of exploring Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Taoism.

I used to teach English abroad. During my time teaching overseas I met some strange people. While most ESL teachers are hardworking folks trying to see the world, start a career and pay down some debts, there are those that are, let’s be honest - station wagons in the Indy 500 of life.

I would be a big, fat liar if I said that TESOLers who blow their money drive me bonkers. In reality, I know how exhilarating it can be to spend all that shiny, new cash we make from teaching on clothes, dining out, drinks, and whatever else suits our fancies. Spending money is fun, but what I've come to realize, is that saving money is oh-so-much-more gratifying.

(Editor's Note - This article was written by a teacher who was victimized by a Nigerian scammer posing as an ESL School director. For reasons that will become obvious, she wishes to remain anonymous.)

Hope Springs Eternal: Confessions of a “Fraud” Victim

Hello All!

I had noted, back on 12/4/13, that I was being considered for a grant to cover the costs of an internship in China. While I had not been the recipient of said grant, I had been one of the final candidates being considered.

China flirted with me then, and I wonder if China is flirting with me once more now...

Notes from China: Yan Fengying

I can’t sing but I have a good sense of rhythm. However here in China, for some strange quirk, my voice is acceptable, especially at KTV’s and school concerts. In the past I buffered my minimal vocal skills by surrounding myself with a bevy of beauties who could sing very well. But for this year’s graduation party I decided to throw caution to the wind and do a solo performance.

As a foreigner teaching English to college students in China, I recognize that I have a special role to play both inside and outside the classroom. Students often regard their foreigner teachers in a different light and it is paramount that the foreign teacher be cognizant of this situation and its ramifications.

Housing Provident Fund in China

Notes from China: Nixon and the Orchestra


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