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When a student encounters a new word, it is unlikely that he will remember it. Helping your students acquire new vocabulary should be an incremental process. Some students want to receive a list of 20 words every week to memorize. As a teacher, however, it is essential that you encourage your students to try to master maybe up to five words a week.

From the time it was founded, America has a strong tradition of being one of the most innovative countries in the world. From the time of Robert Fulton and Alexander Bell, Henry Ford, NASA, IBM, and Boeing, to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs- the US has been at the forefront of technological revolution in the last two centuries.


Students at the university where I'm typing this from are on "high alert", attempting to finish all that's needed with the end of the semester.

I know this because I just went to use the bathroom, and found somebody using this computer where I'm typing this update, even though I was clearly logged in, and had my gloves at the keyboard along with my coffee cup.

This ESL gig which, despite my doubts in the beginning, has turned into an extended endeavoring profession. Gosh golly who'da thunk it?!

I've started my 8th year of teaching; I am learning to teach my 5th disciplinary subject, coping with the living arrangements of a 7th country, and getting ready to put down a lot of ideas into ink and action...

Having already had a family, I have not pursued my ESL teaching career as many young people do: by traveling. Granted, I had some conversational English volunteer experience with a refugee while doing graduate studies in Scotland, but I did not spend a year teaching overseas in a classroom.

Hello All:

In this post, I will share my thoughts on the following article, which had been released on 2/25/13: http://www.psmag.com/magazines/magazine-feature-story-magazines/joe-henr...

My husband moved to Korea to teach English about 10 years ago. His boss picked him up from the bus station and promptly brought him to the school where Stephen would be teaching all the little darlings. First day off the plane ended up being his first day of work. If you have worked in Korea before, you know this is not out of the ordinary.

The world went into panic mode when the media released news of the Ebola virus. Spreading rapidly through parts of Africa within months and eventually making its way internationally, the Ebola virus poses a serious threat to those who come into contact with anyone infected.


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