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Hello Love-Birds!

On a lark, as the day approaches, I thought to share a site I found after Googling "esl students valentine's day": http://busyteacher.org/4199-9-must-have-valentines-day-activities-for-th....

Have any of you explored Valentine's Day activities in your classrooms?

Hello World!

So, given that my last post was off-schedule, I'm glad to be back to the bi-weekly schedule with this post.

I'm also glad to turn the focus back to ESL students with this post, as I had decided to try and see what a Google search for the title of this post, "What issues matter most to ESL students?", would generate for a post here.

Teaching English is the perfect way to travel, learn about other cultures, and to serve other people. However, the age-old dilemma for all future English teachers is: do you pay for an expensive CELTA certification or go for a usually-less-expensive TESL or TEFL course? The answer really depends on your specific situation.

Hello Everyone,

(Before getting into the "thrust" of this post, I do wish to share that my trip to Paris for "NYE 2015" was a wonderful trip, and how glad I am to have seen all that I had cared to see while I was there. Now, on with the post.)

(Photo courtesy of Dan Carchidi 01 via Flickr Creative Commons)

Teaching overseas opens up a whole new world to you. You experience new cultures, different ways of thinking, and you learn to live in different physical circumstances than you might in the U.S.

It is with easy strokes of this keyboard that I quickly bring an end to my posting in this blog for this year with my last post for 2014.

I will likely skip the next post in two weeks, as I will be celebrating NYE 2015 in Paris, and so I will likely return with comments about my trip.

It’s the holiday season – slightly more than a week to go before Christmas – which means it is time to make sure dear old grandma’s insurance is paid up.  I’ve been recruiting ESL teachers for 10 years, and have a decade’s worth of data showing that more grandparents die the week before Christmas than any other week of the year.


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