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(Before getting into the meat of this post, I'll gladly share that I felt my workshop at Central with fellow teachers went according to plan. OK, on to the post!)

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been recruiting ESL teachers for nearly 15 years. Over the last decade and a half I have looked at tens of thousands of resumes and helped many thousands of individuals find work teaching English abroad. I have also come to the conclusion that most individuals seeking work as ESL teachers, or seeking work in general, have no idea how or even why to write a resume.

Isi Dee - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGnNNpjh-8U

Hello All!

What an upbeat mood I'm in today, the song posted to above, the picture found and shared here, and also the stability in recent weather all's contributing to it.

I'm also just excited enough about a number of recent developments:

Hello All:

Noticed I'm due for a post, and so here it is!

Earlier this month, I was at TEDxPenn2015 (http://www.tedxpenn.com/2015), and I thought to share my reactions to it. Overall, I had enjoyed myself there, and have since been sharing some of the bits picked up there.

Hello Folks!

I was thinking to myself just earlier, "I know I care to update my ESL blog today, but what'll be the 'topic'?", and the weather today was just weird enough that it took "center stage". It was hot and cold, windy and still, wet and dry, all within the space of a few blocks and over the course of a few hours.

What's "up-credentialing"?

I knew that I wanted this post to be on this topic, as "up-credentialing" has become a repeatedly observed trend in the job market. Here are the top hits for it just now when I'd searched via Google, all from recent years:

You would think chocolate and a mug or a small gift, 10 minutes out of your schedule, and back to work... Teachers day in Oman was much more celebrated. Many students gave flowers and gifts; everyone had a smile on their face and polite words. Our morning assembly lasted for almost an hour as each teacher was called.

Hello Dear Readers!

Winter is almost behind us, can you tell so from where you are?

I thought to write now on introducing your ESL students to some of those terms which have multiple meanings or uses. Such could be in the form of...

1) "homographic homophones" = words which are spelled the same and sound alike


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