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I got married in the summer of 2009, and less than a year later I moved to South Korea to teach English the following spring of 2010, leaving my husband, step-son, family and friends behind. I’m sure some people secretly thought I was crazy. Maybe I was, just a little. I was desperate to stay in career that I had invested so much hard work and money into, and the economy wasn’t cooperating.

Hello Everybody:

First things first (Is this a meaningless expression? As opposed to "first things second"?) - ME.mory is functioning well. If you want to try having a digital memory like I do, then visit http://me.mory.jumpbuttonstudio.com/. There you may access ME.mory in its beta-state.

Going home after teaching English abroad can be pretty intimidating, especially the job part of it. If you don’t want to teach ESL in your home country, what exactly can you do for work? In order to see what people were actually doing, I surveyed 55 old friends and random Internet strangers to find out all the details for you (and myself as well!).

The journey of teaching abroad, for me, has come to an end at least for now. I returned to the United States in 2013 with hopeful attempts at obtaining a teaching position in Michigan, my home state. With three years of teaching experience overseas, plus my student teaching experience behind me, I was very hopeful. I applied and have gotten several interviews, which was promising.

Let’s weigh my experiences and see how each country stacks up on working conditions for teaching!

Hello All:

I didn't know that I would end up feeling so busy this summer. I've not ever cared for the "non-answer" to "What are you doing?" which is "I'm just so busy!", yet it happens to be "true" for me just now.

Hello All:

Hope this finds you well and that your plans for the 4th (assuming you have plans for such) are coming along just as well!

Teaching overseas can be a great experience - countless articles and blog posts provide advice on how to find the perfect job teaching abroad and what an amazing experience teaching overseas can be.

Hello Readers!

It's "good" to be "back on track", in that I'm closer to being on schedule with this post. It's "also good" in that my last post had been titled "Medical ESL?", partly because I had felt a sense of being closer to having a seizure, which has subsided now such that I may well be "back on track" without concern of seizure.


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