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Hi All:

Tomorrow evening I will be speaking at Benjamin's Desk (1701 Walnut St.) to share about the release of ME.mory (www.yourdigitalmemory.com) and the story behind all of it, with the title as shown in the subject of this post.

Feel free to come if you're around!

Hi All!

Below I am sharing thoughts as I see the national documentary I just appeared in, titled "The Observed Life".

The following is the trailer for it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=ClXPjZ4zhXU

Hi All:

Confession time: I never learned how to ride a bike. How to go about learning it?

Well, over the weekend I attempted to learn to ride a bike for a bit, finding through my girlfriend what appeared to be the ideal scenario, a small group of adults learning together, led by an instructor.

Hi Everybody:

I had intended to post this earlier, but came back so late from seeing Bernie Sanders speak at Temple University. However, the idea for this post, and how to possibly harmonize the two themes in it, emerged from my thoughts during yesterday evening.

Hello Readers!

I had promised/threatened to share about the Ursinus Magazine article in my next blog post here on my last blog post. Here it is!

Ever since I moved to South Korea in 2009 to teach English, I usually get a handful of inquiries every year from new teachers wanting to talk about moving overseas to teach. It’s fun for me—I love re-living my international adventure with prospective ESL teachers, and getting excited vicariously.

Hello Readers!

For a post quite different from my last one, I'm happy to share with you the progress which my app, ME.mory, has made.

Hello All:

My last two posts focused on my time in Mexico and then two possible book ideas I am likely to pursue. Both of those posts were upbeat, and this one isn't. With this post, I'm looking to share my reactions to an article I read late last year, and for which I considered writing a post here.


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