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(Editor's Note - https://www.esl101.com/ has established a bi-annual scholarship for undergraduate students interested in teaching abroad after graduation.

More info can be found here: https://www.esl101.com/scholarship.

Recently several unsuspecting https://www.esl101.com/ members lost a significant amount of money to scammers posing as employers in the United Arab Emirates.

Hello Folks:

It's good to be back to our regularly-scheduled blogging here, every two weeks to the T. Just in time for me to point out that I likely won't be posting in two weeks as I will be in London visiting a dear friend not seen for far too long!

Whoops? :)

One of the frequent questions I get regarding teaching and living in South Korea is about food choices. I wasn’t super familiar with Korean cuisine before I moved to Korea and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that when I came home, I missed it terribly, and still do. There are so many lovely dishes and they just don’t taste quite the same out of their country of origin.

Good Day All!

As I begin to type this entry out, I am listening to the Swedish national anthem, "Du Gamla, Du Fria" ("Thou Ancient, Thou Free"). The Swedish flag is our image.

In other words: It's official. NYE2017 will be spent in Sweden! A friend, Katherine, will be with me! (A good thing, as I'd rather not go solo but such happens too.)

Hi All:

Tomorrow evening I will be speaking at Benjamin's Desk (1701 Walnut St.) to share about the release of ME.mory (www.yourdigitalmemory.com) and the story behind all of it, with the title as shown in the subject of this post.

Feel free to come if you're around!

Hi All!

Below I am sharing thoughts as I see the national documentary I just appeared in, titled "The Observed Life".

The following is the trailer for it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=ClXPjZ4zhXU

Hi All:

Confession time: I never learned how to ride a bike. How to go about learning it?

Well, over the weekend I attempted to learn to ride a bike for a bit, finding through my girlfriend what appeared to be the ideal scenario, a small group of adults learning together, led by an instructor.


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