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Hello All!

Realized I was due for a post, and didn't feel as focused for a specific topic, so this one will be slightly shorter and will be "futuristic" in nature, hence all of the comments being largely about three "futurity" articles.

Hello All:

In this post, I'm choosing to hear an alarm which has been sounded repeatedly in recent years, and perhaps well before that, which is the failure of replication of study findings within education and/or psychology research.

I'm specifically caring to comment on two recent releases, one from almost two years ago (#1) and one from today (#2).

Hello All:

I thought to share my sense of a TED talk given by Ray Kurzweil filmed during March of this year at TED2014. Here's the link: http://www.ted.com/talks/ray_kurzweil_get_ready_for_hybrid_thinking

Hello All!

Just what do California and Taiwan share?
"Attempts to be a part of my life", that's "what".

Hello All!

I'm currently in California, here to visit a friend as well as being able to truthfully admit to others that I never turned thirty in Philadelphia!


Hi All:

My last post before this one, titled "Graduation! Now what?" was quite the longer piece, perhaps the longest of my blog thus far, and so this one will be shorter as it brings the reader to a sense of where I am presently at, career-wise.

And, as far as it seems, I have much to say about it, albeit "briefly".

Hi all!

I spend a tiny bit of time before each post, deciding what the specific focus of the post might be, seeing what I had posted about lately, and wondering if any topic appears to be "missing" which I should write on.

Dear Philadelphia,

You do not disappoint currently.

Weather-wise, it is quite a bit sunnier and warmer than it has been, and how lovely it is to be leaving behind the particularly dreary season we had this past winter. This week seems to have in it our closest high to 80° yet, with Sunday currently at 77°.

Weather aside, how are things presently?

Hi All!

So, this update is something of a continuation of the previous update two weeks prior.

I've been internalizing the "Road Runner" idea, enacting it in my own life, moving about relatively quickly (although not as fast as our dear R.R.) while maintaining a sense of calm.


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