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In the last post I shared that it was a time of flux, so just what are/were some of the changes?

1. I've decided to post bi-weekly on this blog, as the amount of material I expect to be able to share should fit that timeframe more easily, rather than weekly.

2. I've gone ahead and reserved my next NYE trip, this time to Abu Dhabi!

According to EnglishEnglish.com, “More than a billion people are in the process of learning the English language.” Dozens of online sites offer lessons so students can study on their own.

When your students need some extra practice with English grammar, take advantage of the dozens of sites devoted specifically to learning it. Online English language grammar assistance is available, and most of it is available for free. These sites offer interactive tests, exercises and videos to help them grasp the ins and outs of grammar.

Skype is an amazing -- and free -- tool to teach English online anywhere you have access to the Internet.


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