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Good Afternoon All:

With a title like this one, you could expect a lot of anger in this post. So let's start off with a chuckle instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1Y6PchDYfw

I could tell you a million things about me, my family, and my life. You might understand. You might not. Either way, I will keep my head to the sky and wonder, ‘What's out there for me? What's important in this world? What is my higher power - my purpose?’ I would like to welcome you to my autobiography; a simplified version. I won’t keep you long.

Hi All:

Trump is here in my native city, but he will not be here for long. Such is what I think of his time in Philadelphia, and what I believe should be the case for his presidency too.

I have not yet called him "President". I likely won't and/or can't do it.
I tell myself that "Embarrassment" is in front of his last name instead.

Hi Everybody:

Welcome to my first post of the year! "Welcome" to 2017... right?

Hello Everyone:

I am pleased to write my last entry for 2016. This time in two weeks I'll be in Sweden, ready to experience whatever I find there and to celebrate NYE2017. I feel like this year is ending well for me:

It’s always a mistake when I get cocky and write in pen in my lesson plan book. Although it’s gotten a little easier over the years, pacing a lesson is one of the most challenging things for teachers. You have unexpected delays, events, differing abilities among students and difficulty in the material taught.

Hello All:

Let's have a thought experiment:

If you hoped to understand what is important to someone else, which would you prefer to know?:

1) What said person tells you matters to them.
2) Knowledge of how said person has spent their time

Which would you choose?

I believe that I would almost always choose "time" over "testimony".

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the post election shock of learning that Donald Trump will be our next president. As someone said recently, the fact that Trump was even a contender to be commander in chief of the U.S., attests to the fact that our democracy has been broken for some time.

Getting right into it:

Much digital ink has been spilled already, given what happened with our election here in the "United" States.

While many who move to South Korea to teach English have some experience teaching, there are many who do not. Understandably, new teachers are nervous about writing a lesson plan. Some schools may require you to write and create your own lesson plans, and others may place you with a co-teacher who will provide the content.


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