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Hey All:

So my last post was a decided "turning away" from the election, and a focus on other news topics instead. We know that we're under three weeks away from the election in the USA. I expect as soon as the election is over that I will be getting walloped by Christmas advertising everywhere... Phew.

What can be done instead of feeling caught between events?

After teaching in South Korea for three years, two of the most common questions I get tend to be: “why did you leave(?),” and “do you want to go back (?)” While I plan to address the first question (which is rather personal) in a future blog post, the second question is an interesting one. I find it interesting that people seem to read my mind and see right through me.

(Editor's Note - Regardless of who you vote for, if you are American, please vote in the upcoming election. I will select one person at random who shares or likes or comments on this article who will receive some free ESL101 swag (T-shirt and stickers) - so share, like, tweet, post, etc...I just got my ballot today - karma!

It is paradoxical that we need to sit down in order to go somewhere far fast. Be it if we take a train between states or a flight across countries, we sit for the duration of it. If we tried to run or swim there, it would be tiring and/or dangerous. Our safest bet is to stay put, while also moving rapidly.

“Don't eat anything incapable of rotting.” – Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food

One of the most common questions teachers and those who aspire to teach abroad ask, or more likely debate ad infinitum on obscure internet forums, is whether it is better to apply directly to schools or to use the services of a recruiting company to obtain gainful employment teaching abroad.

(Editor's Note - https://www.esl101.com/ has established a bi-annual scholarship for undergraduate students interested in teaching abroad after graduation.

More info can be found here: https://www.esl101.com/scholarship.

Recently several unsuspecting https://www.esl101.com/ members lost a significant amount of money to scammers posing as employers in the United Arab Emirates.

Hello Folks:

It's good to be back to our regularly-scheduled blogging here, every two weeks to the T. Just in time for me to point out that I likely won't be posting in two weeks as I will be in London visiting a dear friend not seen for far too long!

Whoops? :)


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