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With just four weeks to go I am happily planning my next steps in Southeast Asia. Many teachers have decided to stay on for a full year while I am happy to be soon leaving Ayutthaya and the teaching. Do I sound eager? It has been an experience and that is all I was looking for in this… just a different experience in life. Would I do it again? Well that depends on a few things I guess.

Imagine: a 1975 film about sexual liberation recreated for the stage some 37 years later in Thailand by a bunch of cross-dressing high school students. I made a joke and a few days later I was among a few other teachers and over a hundred high school students doing the Time Warp.

In Thailand, colours are assigned to different days of the week and Thais wear those colours accordingly. After teaching a few weeks, I noticed that teachers wore the same colour on the same day of the week. When I asked a couple of locals about it, they confirmed that in Thailand colours represent different days of the week.

I fear this song may still be with us for a while. It is like an infestation in Thailand and appears to be part of the school curriculum. I had to compete with it for my students’ attention today during an outdoor lesson that involved doing the Hokey Pokey.

I can’t help thinking about sad stuff at Christmastime. Or things that make me nostalgic. Maybe it has to do with certain poignant songs I hear this time of year. Lennon’s Happy Christmas is definitely one.


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