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It's been awhile...many things has been done. Still twice a year, graduates and practicing would be teachers are all in on making it on the list of the board examination passers for teachers.

In the Philippines' public school it is a must that entrant teachers have the license to teach.

NOTE: I’ve used the word nasty prolifically in this blog because no other synonym seems to suffice. I also made some huge culturally-specific generalizations here about hygiene as it pertains to gender. All are based on my experience as a woman who has travelled with boys (by boys I mean grown men who put their dirty backpack on the bed).

Trick or treating is a tradition in North America. Children in their spooky costumes go from house to house to get treats from home owners or if they don’t get any treat they will trick them for fun. Philippines is a country influenced heavily by western culture celebrate the same event.

Lost in Translation. Philippines – Incident #1

While most of my experiences have been very enjoyable teaching abroad there were two years where I decided to teach without being placed by a recruiter.

One of those years (teaching in KSA) was great, the other (teaching in the Philippines) was a horror story.

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