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Hello All!

Without context, here are sixteen photos from Mexico. I welcome you to imagine the context and/or to ask questions. Happy New Year! ¡Feliz año nuevo!

Hello Everyone!

This should be my last post of 2015!

In two weeks I'll be in Mexico City, celebrating NYE 2016. Readers may know about my yearly trip to a new-to-me country. This year, it's "Mexico", as I shared about in an earlier post. :)

Hello All!

Time marches on, and brings me along with it. I'll update on some items mentioned in recent posts:

1) The image for this post shows how my business cards have come along. I'm quite glad to see them now, and would recommend moo.com for their helpful staff if you're looking for business cards. We'll see how they are received by others.

Dearest Readers:

I had no real idea what I would make the focus of today's post be. A lot of thoughts had been in my mind lately, a lot of topics have come up which were each "of interest" to me, but not one soaring above the others.

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