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Drop Everything (Well, Maybe Not That Dramatic) and Check Out This Festival!

“Adults are just obsolete children and to hell with them.” --Dr. Seuss

First, I’m not discouraging higher education--and of course, what I will be writing is all based on my personal experience and opinion. Although there are benefits to acquiring more education, becoming a certified public school teacher in the United States is a very expensive endeavor.

I turned 40 last year. It has been 15 years since I taught my last class in Brazil and returned home – loosely defined as North America. I am now at a stage in my life where I think about baby seat safety ratings and which preschool to enroll my daughter in rather than whether I should spend my vacation rock climbing in Thailand or exploring Angkor Wat.

This year the EPIK program (https://www.epik.go.kr/index.do) is no longer working with recruiters – all future EPIK applicants must apply directly with EPIK or through an MOU/MOA organization:

1. It’s a holiday for the men!

Unlike in the West, where men are expected to give gifts or do something romantic for their girlfriends, in Korea, it’s actually the women who give chocolate to the men!

Learning a bit of Korean goes a long way while you’re in Korea. This could mean a short visit for a few days, a work contract for a few years, or the remainder of your life.


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