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I’ve been recruiting ESL teachers for nearly 15 years. Over the last decade and a half I have looked at tens of thousands of resumes and helped many thousands of individuals find work teaching English abroad. I have also come to the conclusion that most individuals seeking work as ESL teachers, or seeking work in general, have no idea how or even why to write a resume.

Recently I had the good fortune to be selected by Anhui Television to be featured on a program called “Experience Anhui”. This program is shown on their international channel and its focus is about the lives of foreigners living and working in Anhui. The TV crew spent 3 days following me around the city and the college. To be frank, I was rather exhausted when all was said and done.

After trying to explain to an older female Korean teacher at my school how much I loved my dog, I finally used the example of the cow in India. “The dog is a sacred animal for many Americans,” I stated exasperated. She finally nodded quizzically, like a person observing a foreign custom.

Isi Dee - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGnNNpjh-8U

Hello All!

What an upbeat mood I'm in today, the song posted to above, the picture found and shared here, and also the stability in recent weather all's contributing to it.

I'm also just excited enough about a number of recent developments:

Hello All:

Noticed I'm due for a post, and so here it is!

Earlier this month, I was at TEDxPenn2015 (http://www.tedxpenn.com/2015), and I thought to share my reactions to it. Overall, I had enjoyed myself there, and have since been sharing some of the bits picked up there.

The U.S. Employment and Equal Opportunity Commissions states that it is illegal for an employer to ask for a photograph of a potential new hire. Similarly, there are questions that employers are not allowed to ask during the job interview process, due to potential issues of discrimination in America.

Last weekend I had a very meaningful experience. Because of the Chinese Qing Min Jie (Tomb Sweeping Festival – a time when people remember their ancestors by returning to their tombs) observation, my school had a three day weekend. I decided to take opportunity to travel to Shanghai for a mini vacation.

Notes from China

Are you considering teaching English abroad? Uprooting your life and moving 12,000 miles away to teach English in China, Turkey or Vietnam is a daunting proposition. Far too often teachers apply for teaching jobs through a random e-mail address and hope for the best.


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