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Last weekend I had a very meaningful experience. Because of the Chinese Qing Min Jie (Tomb Sweeping Festival – a time when people remember their ancestors by returning to their tombs) observation, my school had a three day weekend. I decided to take opportunity to travel to Shanghai for a mini vacation.

Notes from China

Are you considering teaching English abroad? Uprooting your life and moving 12,000 miles away to teach English in China, Turkey or Vietnam is a daunting proposition. Far too often teachers apply for teaching jobs through a random e-mail address and hope for the best.

I have now been teaching oral English at the same Chinese University for 7 years. As a teacher my goal is to simply help the students gain both competency and confidence as English speakers. Over the years I have learned time and again that to achieve this goal, I must help the students create a positive atmosphere that promotes cooperation in the classroom.

People of Much Promise

In the 1980s the streets of Japan were paved with gold for English speaking teachers looking for ESL jobs abroad. Salaries for full time English teachers at private schools in Japan often exceeded 400,000 yen per month, and English teachers were a sought after commodity.

Hello Folks!

I was thinking to myself just earlier, "I know I care to update my ESL blog today, but what'll be the 'topic'?", and the weather today was just weird enough that it took "center stage". It was hot and cold, windy and still, wet and dry, all within the space of a few blocks and over the course of a few hours.

As a part of my job I regularly give talks to groups of local TESL/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA students who are finishing their TESL courses. I get invited by local TESL schools local colleges with TESL programs to talk about international employment opportunities for TESL graduates.

It’s the revenge of the nerds (and the jocks) – if you are a licensed math, science or physical education teacher, you have multiple employment options in the United Arab Emirates – especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


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