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Dear Philadelphia,

You do not disappoint currently.

Weather-wise, it is quite a bit sunnier and warmer than it has been, and how lovely it is to be leaving behind the particularly dreary season we had this past winter. This week seems to have in it our closest high to 80° yet, with Sunday currently at 77°.

Weather aside, how are things presently?

Housing Provident Fund in China

Hi All!

So, this update is something of a continuation of the previous update two weeks prior.

I've been internalizing the "Road Runner" idea, enacting it in my own life, moving about relatively quickly (although not as fast as our dear R.R.) while maintaining a sense of calm.

Notes from China: Nixon and the Orchestra

English is a notoriously difficult language to learn. There are many phrases, homophones, and colloquialisms that can prove tricky to English language learners. Anyone who has traveled to a non-English speaking country (or even some places in English speaking countries) has probably seen some fantastically bad translations or business names.

OK, Dearest Readers, I am back with another post and now feeling the senses of both "calm" and "direction/focus" in my life.

I discovered that I was not admitted into the last of the PhD programs to which I had applied, such that I am now a "free agent", and I do not yet know just what I'll be doing next in my life, post-MEd.

So, welcome to my third post for this year, seeing as I'm posting ~bi-weekly. My first post was "Let's Get Going!", followed by "Ups & Downs". Treating these three posts as if there were a series, I chose the title of "Let's Stay Still...".

Why? Where's the momentum?

I've been living in Korea now for about a year and a half. A week or so ago I took a short trip to Kyoto Japan where an interaction with a shop keep illustrated in a surprising way how much the experience of living in Korea has changed me.

Arguably the most famous mountain in China is Yellow Mountain (Chinese pinyin Huang Shan). It is located the Province of Anhui, a mere three hours from where I live and teach. Yellow Mountain has been a scenic spot for over 1200 years with countless painters and poets seeking inspiration from its rugged beauty. It is said that if you visit this mountain there is no need to visit any other.

So, just what is this mess of a situation?

"Normal", is what I'll go with, for now.

What do I mean? Well...

It seems that I've been wait-listed at UPenn, while not being admitted for Temple nor UMaryland.


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