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Hello All:

Hope this finds you well and that your plans for the 4th (assuming you have plans for such) are coming along just as well!

Teaching overseas can be a great experience - countless articles and blog posts provide advice on how to find the perfect job teaching abroad and what an amazing experience teaching overseas can be.

Yesterday, I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Detroit, Michigan for my sister’s elopement. At the check in for my flight, I noticed a nervous young man who looked to be in his very early 20s. As I stood at the automatic check in waiting for my boarding pass to print, I overheard him talking to an older man whom I guessed was his dad.

So, you have followed my advice from previous blog posts – you wrote a great resume and found an awesome job. You got your visa and are getting ready to embark on the experience of a lifetime. Here are some tips from someone who has both taught abroad and vicariously experienced the successes and occasional failure of many other teachers through my job as a recruiter.

My Korean Mom

One of the most hilarious blogs I’ve ever run across after living in South Korea as a foreign teacher was “Stuff Korean Moms Like” on Blogspot.

Before I accepted my overseas teaching assignment in South Korea, I never realized that Korea would have so many amazing foods that I would grow to love so much. As a result of my three years as an expat ESL teacher American ESL teacher, both my husband and I fell completely in love with many everyday Korean foods.

Hello Readers!

It's "good" to be "back on track", in that I'm closer to being on schedule with this post. It's "also good" in that my last post had been titled "Medical ESL?", partly because I had felt a sense of being closer to having a seizure, which has subsided now such that I may well be "back on track" without concern of seizure.

In my last article I covered how to write a resume for teaching English abroad. This week I’d like to cover some conventional and non-conventional job seeking strategies you can employ to help you find a great job teaching abroad. Many of these same strategies are also applicable to the domestic, non-teaching job market as well.

After several years of somewhat stagnant growth, Anqing has been developing at a good pace recently, both in the commercial and residential sectors. For example, for years the city had only one major supermarket chain called Jin Hua Lin. Now however, we have two new international stores (Carrefour and Auchan, both from France) and RT Mart from Taiwan.

(Before getting into the meat of this post, I'll gladly share that I felt my workshop at Central with fellow teachers went according to plan. OK, on to the post!)

Hello Everyone!


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