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When I tell the people I meet travelling that I live and work in Indonesia I usually get “wow, that’s so cool… where, in Bali?” which I reply to with a laugh. It’s a pretty good gig but it’s not that good. I’m in East Java in the fairly large city of Surabaya. This is the city from which the Air Asia flight travelling to Singapore left, the plane that went down after several days missing.

Let’s weigh my experiences and see how each country stacks up on working conditions for teaching!

Hello All:

I didn't know that I would end up feeling so busy this summer. I've not ever cared for the "non-answer" to "What are you doing?" which is "I'm just so busy!", yet it happens to be "true" for me just now.

I have always enjoyed travel, but moving to South Korea for three years opened up a whole different set of travel opportunities that blew me away. Suddenly, we were “this close” to China, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, China and Mongolia to name a few amazing destinations.

Hello All:

Hope this finds you well and that your plans for the 4th (assuming you have plans for such) are coming along just as well!

Teaching overseas can be a great experience - countless articles and blog posts provide advice on how to find the perfect job teaching abroad and what an amazing experience teaching overseas can be.

Yesterday, I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Detroit, Michigan for my sister’s elopement. At the check in for my flight, I noticed a nervous young man who looked to be in his very early 20s. As I stood at the automatic check in waiting for my boarding pass to print, I overheard him talking to an older man whom I guessed was his dad.

So, you have followed my advice from previous blog posts – you wrote a great resume and found an awesome job. You got your visa and are getting ready to embark on the experience of a lifetime. Here are some tips from someone who has both taught abroad and vicariously experienced the successes and occasional failure of many other teachers through my job as a recruiter.


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