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It’s uncomfortable, dangerous, and it costs money. But it will take you under the seas, over the mountains, and through yourself. To travel is the best decision I’ve ever made and I’ll make it a thousand times more. Because of travel, I’ve managed to cram about a hundred mini lives into my given one.

I’ve been in Southeast Asia a long time. So long that when I thought about writing my next blog, indicators you’ve travelled in Southeast Asia a long time, I was a bit stumped. I thought about it as I took a shower and delighted in the ease at which I can go from toilet to sink to shower all in the same space. And later, as I walked down a tiny soi somewhere in old town Chiang Mai.

Good Afternoon All:

With a title like this one, you could expect a lot of anger in this post. So let's start off with a chuckle instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1Y6PchDYfw

I could tell you a million things about me, my family, and my life. You might understand. You might not. Either way, I will keep my head to the sky and wonder, ‘What's out there for me? What's important in this world? What is my higher power - my purpose?’ I would like to welcome you to my autobiography; a simplified version. I won’t keep you long.

An Italian man once said to me, “Colleen, you’re approaching the age of deterioration. You can’t live the way you’re living for too much longer. People won’t receive you as well as you get older. You won’t be as pretty, your body won’t be as fit. That’s how it is for women.” I was 35.

Hi All:

Trump is here in my native city, but he will not be here for long. Such is what I think of his time in Philadelphia, and what I believe should be the case for his presidency too.

I have not yet called him "President". I likely won't and/or can't do it.
I tell myself that "Embarrassment" is in front of his last name instead.

You know life is pretty good when you have a stack of really, really good books next to your bed and you’ve been having too much fun to read them. That’s usually a sign of happiness for me anyways. That stack is a sweet reflection of my life at the moment.

Imagine Marilyn Monroe and Nicki Minaj in one body. Retro-classic sexuality, if there is such a thing, crossed with contemporary female vulgarity. This is Mimi, but with a Mickey Mouse heart. I met Mimi during my 10-week Thai massage course. She was that tough, outspoken woman who, from across the room, transcended every boundary of femininity that I knew.

Hi Everybody:

Welcome to my first post of the year! "Welcome" to 2017... right?

I recently added “Forward Thinker” to my character adjectives on my website. To represent it as a proper noun is an attempt to treat my newfound trait with the importance it deserves. And to perhaps use it to replace a less-attractive trait, like Unsuccessful Decision-Maker or Occasional Flosser. It is a New Year’s resolution of sorts.


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