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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” - Buddha

Since time immemorial, people have had their own unique ways of living, and it is a testament to the rich tapestry of our world that different belief systems, religions and ways of being can, for the most part, exist side by side.

If you live in Saudi Arabia, you might as well take advantage of touring the country because it’s rare that people get to. There are technically no short-term travel visas into Saudi Arabia but there are ways of getting around that. Muslims have an easier time getting a visa into Saudi Arabia because they flock to Mecca.

Good Evening All!

For what I think is a first, I'm going to make this post largely video-based, as I've recently taken two videos which I thought are worth sharing:

1) "Try The World" - https://vid.me/bcHI

Ugh. This best describes how I feel about the dating game, because in all seriousness it is a game. There are guidelines, rules and penalties for those who don’t play “properly” (however ambiguous that word is). There is the right time to text and the wrong time to call. There is a proper amount of time to wait before responding to a message so as to feign disinterest or unavailability.

By now you, the intrepid ESL champion of the world, have got the basic principles of living a happy life abroad down. For those looking to hop over the other side of the fence for the first time here they are:

#1 Learn the language

#2 Make local friends and “When in Rome…”

CAUTION: I’ve used the word NASTY prolifically in this blog, for good reason because no synonym seems to suffice. And, I am going to make some huge generalizations here about “gendered” hygiene, totally culturally specific and from my experience being a woman and living and travelling with boys (and by boys I mean grown men, you know, the ones who put their dirty backpack on the bed!).

Let’s be honest I love to cook – no seriously, this is not a joke, I love to cook! When I say I love to cook this includes everything from cheesecakes to lasagnas to salads to soups to anything and everything under the sun. I especially love cooking over the holidays – the cakes, the cookies, the pies, the candies, the side dishes, the breads...oh the breads!

A lot of people don’t know anything about the tiny country of Bahrain. Maybe you’ve heard of it before but have no clue where it is or what it’s like. Bahrain is technically comprised of several islands with the bulk of it being one island. It sits to the east of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. There is a bridge between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and this bridge is always extremely busy.

While teaching in South Korea, my husband and I were lucky enough to enjoy some amazing vacations to other nearby countries during our three-year stay abroad. We had two weeks off of teaching one summer, and with our July anniversary approaching, decided to celebrate by leaving Korea and exploring another country.


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