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TED Talks: Richard St. John's 8 Secrets of Success

Richard St. John speaks about the 8 Secrets of Success that he learned from 'Tedsters'.

This activity was created for intermediate university students who are focusing on the skill listening.

Lesson Plan:

1. Ask the Ss to answer the following question with a partner. Then discuss their answers as a class.

What makes someone successful?

2. Explain that Ss will listen to a short presentation by a high school teacher about what it takes to be successful.

3. You can have the Ss just listen 1x if they are a lower level intermediate or you can have them listen while filling in the dictation. Compare answers with a partner, then go over answers as a class.

4. Listen again while Ss take notes.

5. Ss compare notes with a partner, then as a pair or individually they use their notes to complete the comprehension questions. Discuss answers as a class.

6. Homework:

a) Ss write a short paragraph on what they think makes people successful and why

b) Ss find a true story of a successful person and talk about it in the following class for a few minutes.