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Lesson Plan for practicing the present simple tense

Students: 10 students – aged 30 to 50 – Beginners: Just started to study English
Aim: Teaching present simple tense – New words: verbs like: get up – eat breakfast – go to work
Assumptions: Students know how to say the time
Materials: students’ book– a clock – a briefcase – a pair of spoon and fork

Interaction and Time
1) Teacher shows the clock to the students and reviews telling the time T-Class
10 Min
2) Teacher shows the class that he/she is sleeping and then gets up. Then he/she introduces the verb get up and says I get up at 7:00 every day. Then he/she shows the clock that is set at seven.
After that he/she shows the spoon and fork and mime in a way that he/she is eating something. Then he/she says I eat breakfast every day at 7:20 and then shows the clock that is set at that time.
After that he/she shows the briefcase and says I go to work at 7:45. T-Class
15 Min
3) Teacher asks students what time they get up, eat breakfast and go to work. T-STs
10 Min
4) Then the teacher shows some pictures of a man and his daily life activities from the book. After that he/she explains the task to them and then students put the right verb in the blanks T-Class
10 Min
5) Teacher checks the answers to the questions with the class. T-STs
5 Min
6) Teacher asks some questions from the students about the daily activities of the book. T-St
5 Min
55 Minutes