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authentic text for advanced listening and speaking

Three activities to use an authentic text:

Authentic materials
Youtube. David Attenborough at the WEF in Davos 2019 "'the Garden of Eden is no more", available at: [Accessed on 26/02/2019]

World economic Forum. 21/01/2019. David Attenborough: 'The Garden of Eden is no more', available at: [Accessed on 26/02/2019]

a) A dictionary activity

NAME OF ACTIVITY: Speed word search

AIMS: To practice dictionary use whilst simultaneously acquainting students with definitions of words used in the audio clip...

Divide the class into pairs, with one group of three. (Use their compatibility to decide how they will be divided). Give each group/pairing a dictionary. Tell the students that when you call out a word, they must find it as quickly as possible. The first person to give the correct definition and function wins a point for their team. Use the words and phrases: climatic stability, civilization, fostered, Sustainable Development and Holocene. The vocabulary has already been elicited, but this exercise helps with specific definitions and functions.
Double check understanding by asking the class which pictures in slide (slide 1 - Material 1) indicate sustainable development. (Economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.)
Now give a series of clues to enable the students to find the word: Anthropocene. (They have already done the listening comprehension exercise, so this should not take long.)
Clues include: After Holocene, The current geological age, The Age of Humans

Dictionary X 4
Sustainable development slide 1 (material 1)

b) An activity which requires students to use online resources

NAME OF ACTIVITY: Research Sustainable development in the Anthropocene

AIMS: To practice reading skills (skimming, scanning and extensive) and to Improve student’s vocabulary and understanding of global warming, the Anthropocene and possible solutions in preparation for assignment C.


Hand out worksheets (material 2) to students and ask them to pass it on to each other until everyone has one. Ask students to read through the entire worksheet before using the specified websites to answer the questions. After 10 minutes, divide the class into pairs (one group of three) and let them compare their answers. Elicit answers and discuss.

MATERIALS: Student worksheet (Material 2), Internet with 3 websites - refer to the bibliography.)

c) Follow up activity

NAME OF ACTIVITY: “Practical solutions to a New Eden – a route through the Anthropocene.”

AIMS: To enable students to integrate knowledge in a creative way whilst simultaneously practising communicative English.

TEACHER'S INSTRUCTIONS: Divide the class into 3 groups of five. Show them slide 2 of material 1. Ask them to use the knowledge they have gained to brainstorm ideas for a new documentary to be narrated by David Attenborough called: “Practical solutions to a New Eden – a route through the Anthropocene.” Make it clear that they only have to focus on one solution.
Explain that this documentary not only focuses on the said solution but also on the outcomes of these solutions. Give the class 15min to brainstorm and write down a short piece of narration.
Then ask each group to give feedback with first-person narration in the present tense. Each group has 5 minutes. (Everyone in each group should at least say 5 sentences.)

MATERIALS: Slide 2 – material 1(PowerPoint) – all slides have hard copies in case the PowerPoint fails.

Please note that the entire class 3 exercises with standard procedure and vocabulary teaching included will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long.


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