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Resume/CV Advice

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Resume/CV Advice


By profession, I am a Technical Writer and as such have a solid knowledge base about business/personal resume/CV building. However, there is one aspect that I could use some clarification- that of independent tutoring. I know how to advertise independent writing, editing, internet work, etc., but ESL tutoring is another creature in itself due to the nature of the positions.

Has anyone any advice for how to advertise independent tutoring on a TESOL resume/CV?

Most schools require a minimum amount of years in regards to teaching experience. What are the best ways to advertise one's experience in the tutoring sector in a professional and credible manner, especially to overseas clients?

There are times where one cannot teach in an institute and therefore they make use of their spare time tutoring. It is legitimate tutoring, such as freelance or ghost writing is legitimate work, and therefore is experience. Perhaps institutions do not perceive tutoring as "real" experience or they prefer experience to be gained in an institution. But is it not still teaching?

Any clarification on the subject or any resume/CV suggestions in general would be appreciated!

Thank you!

PS: I apologize if such a topic is on another forum. I believe some have mentioned resumes in other threads but not in one of its own.

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Just be Honest

I think that's a pretty tricky question (and maybe why you have no answers yet?!), but I'd probably just be honest and if you've been doing it for 2 years, say that you've been doing it for 2 years and talk about ages of students, levels, what you taught them, etc. I'd be sure to have up to date contact information for the best 2 or 3 students so you could use them as references if necessary.

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Different resume style

Just a thought from a person who is not an ESL job application guru! What about getting away from a chronological resume and doing some kind of skill, or experienced based one? It perhaps wouldn't be so obvious that you had a period where you weren't working in a formal educational institution. It's perhaps worth a consideration, especially if you're been applying for jobs with the chronological resume and you haven't been getting any takers. Or, do a test run- 1/2 A, 1/2 B and see what the response is from schools.

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CV help

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great thing.

great thing.