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EYAS Schools in Wuhan, China

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EYAS Schools in Wuhan, China

Be very cautious when even thinking of taking a job for the EYAS Group. They have schools mainly in Wuhan, China, but also in other places. They lie to the teachers about everything they offer. Almost every area of the job I accepted was a complete lie. They will find excuses not to pay you the money they promised, and you will spend quite a bit of time fighting them to get what they promised. You are not trusted to plan any aspect of your classes. The Chinese class write scripts for every class you must follow. The parents of the student as EYAS schools are lied to. The parents are promised that they can get into schools in the US without having to take language proficiency exams if they attend the EYAS International Academy. The teachers are not trusted to even teach a class alone. We are nothing more than puppets that they control. Every aspect of your time at work is monitored, controlled, and assessed. The staff at this company are completely uneducated in education. They only know lies and control. Be very careful and avoid this company and all their schools.

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Such a horrendous thing to do

Such a horrendous thing to do to teachers and students. Promising a pay to teachers and than backing off from it not professionla like australian writing does provide professional help to students. Education is becoming and industry and to think they will stoop this low to manipulate teachers and parents and then play with the future of innocent children is horrifying.